From childhood, I was abused by my father.

I wanted to know human's mind.

I looked for university which have study department concentrated to brain.

I found it in Osaka university, and entered.

But, I learned study, research is not what I want.

So I graduated, and enter a company.

If I express in words

the answer is human itself

I quit then, and became counselor.

Not long after I got independent, I became to want to see the world.

So I started backpacker.

About one and half year, I did around Asia and Austrarlia.

Then, I created this website.

​About my parents

My father was diagnosed as depression, and he had so tough time.

Various people made him painful, sad, struggled.

Under that situation, he fought for our family.

My mother also did a lot of things for us.

It included works for supporting our money, even in that hard situation.

And when she could be on my side, she always protected me.

Then, my father got fine, and really good father.

He and she are rooting for me.


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